Hello World!

Hello World!

The famous line used by many a programmer. Welcome to my WordPress blog page, were I will talk about nothing at all. So just sit back and relax, enjoy the blog of blog. Here I will talk about what ever is on my mind at the time that I feel like blogging. It my be funny, sad, happy, rude, obnoxious, spiritual, or just what ever. So lets start by giving the readers some background on the author, that’s me!

Well lets see, my name is Matt and I was born in February 1980 in the City of Loma Linda, California to my father and mother, Bruce and Nancy. I have an older sibling, Rebecca, but she goes by Bequi. I lived in the small town (Pop. 3,500) of Wrightwood in the San Gabriel mountains.We had 2 1/2 acres of land that was backed up to national forest.

Growing up my play ground was in the back yard hiking and building forts. Back then the first Nintendo system had just barely come out and I did not even know what a computer was. So I spent most of my time out side or with friends, riding bikes, playing in the dirt, fishing, or like I said hiking.

Jump forward to the age of eighteen. I left my parents house angry at my father and joined the carnival, yes the carnival not circus. I spent about three months doing that and then I joined the California Conservation Corps. or C.C.C. In the corps I trained to be a wild land fire fighter with what is now called CalFire. With my best friend Charles We worked for two fire season with Calfire/CCC before moving on to a private fire company called Northtree Fire International out of Marysville, California. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that I moved from Southern California to Northern California.

So this fire fighting business was between 1999 and 2003. in March of 2000 I meet a young lady named Lori and in July of that year we were married. In 2001 we had our first child Jaden. In 2003 we moved back down to Southern California and stayed with my parents for a time. we bought our first car and in 2005 Had our second child named Jacob. In 2006 we moved to Phoenix, Arizona after a visit out there to see Lori’s brother and family, we decided to move out there. We love Arizona and have lived here now for nine years. In 2008 We had our ender or third child naming her Kasumi.

My hobbies include Amateur Radio (HAM), hiking, gaming, building computers, spending time with my family, and learning. I also enjoy target shooting and camping as a family. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints.

I have had many jobs while I have traveled, race car mechanic, landscape repair person, college computer lab tech, security officer, and a sales and reservations agent., HAVC-R, video rental clerk, and a summer camp facilitator.

Okay that is enough about me for now, my wife just got home from work so I need to go and spend some time with her.